Issue with MTM 2013

Currently we are using Test Manager 2013. I tried uploading test cases through this utility. But it shows me Test case Migrator has stopped working after selecting the workbook from where the test ...

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Support VS2013

Currently this tool cannot run if VS2013 only installed. Please add support of VS2013

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Why is Changed Date field BOTH mandatory and auto-generated by the server

I just downloaded v1.2 and attempted to import test cases, however, the app would not let me move pass 'Field Mapping' stating the 'Changed Date' field is mandatory... but this is also a field that...

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Imported test cases are missing <tags>

If you are importing from an Excel document, and your test steps contain less than and greater than symbols used in a tag-like structure, such as "Call <Header>", the resultant test step in MTM wil...

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Error displayed in Requirement mapping

I am importing the Requirements(User Story) in MTM via Test Case Migrator Plus. I have downloaded the Template and settings form the link - “Binaries for VS2012 - Test Case Migrator Plus V1.2 RTM”...

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Test Case Import Issue

Hi Team, When I am selecting the excel sheet to be used for export its throwing an error message and Test Case Migration Plus setup automatically closes. Please find the screenshot attached. T...

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Test Import failure error- Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Unable to migrate the test cases

Lately I've been unable to import the test cases to VSTF 2012 due to following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Please find attached screenshot of the error. Please hel...

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TestCase Import - Failing-Migrate Work Items, Process Links, Publish Report

errors importing to 2012 Migrate Work Items TF237124 work item is not ready to save Process Links Object reference not set to an instance of an object Publish Report No workitems are migrated how...

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Help: Cannot link Test Case to Requirements

I am importing Test Cases from Excel into MTM Updated Test Case Source file with Linked Requirement Source IDs = requirment work id Mapped fields; Test Case Source ID = ID+ Under Links Mapping I ...

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Test case migrator plus crashes when trying to map the excel data on Field Mapping

Hi there, We are trying to upload the excel data using Test Case Migrator Plus (V1.2 RTM). On Field Mapping, when we map the fields and click on Next button, 'we get Test Case Migrator plus has s...

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