"Test Case Migrator Plus has stopped working"

Jan 29, 2016 at 2:51 PM
Hi there,

I've exported a large amount of data from HPQC and have been attempting to use TCMP to import it into Microsoft Test Manager/TFS as this is the direction that my team in work have taken but every time I use the tool it crashes in the very early stages.

I can select the path for the Excel workbook and there is only one worksheet to migrate yet when I click Next I get the following error message displayed every single time:


A colleague of mine from another department can successfully use the same version of the tool using the same spreadsheet and the same instance of MTM (we're using VSTP 2015) and yet another member of my team wasn't able to use it. The only difference is that we are using different models of laptop but I cannot see that being the issue.

I'd greatly appreciate any help that you can provide on this matter.

Many thanks