Urgent Help needed- How can I import the test cases with multiple steps in different excel rows instead of having all steps in a single row?

Jun 19, 2014 at 7:37 PM
I need to upload the test cases to MTM from excel where I have test cases with mutiple steps but each step in a different excel row. In the migrater tool on Misc. settings page, I did not check the option- 'multiple steps in a single line' but still it did not upload all the test steps of the test case. Just the first step. I've imported the test cases in different format successfully where all the steps in a single excel row. But now the need is to upload the test cases in this new format.
Any help is appreciated.
Jun 22, 2015 at 12:26 PM
Depending on your privileges you can do this.
In your excel your should have the Test suite column, Test case name/title, maybe a description (optional) and then your test steps, and results.
The Test Suite should fill all cells, the Test case name/title should be on the first row cell, the steps should follow the next few rows with no test case name/title.
Row 1 = headings
Row 1 Test Suite Test Case Name Test Step Test Result
Row 2 Test Suite1 Test case Name11 Test Step111 Test Result111
Row 3 Test Suite1 Test Step112 Test Result112
Row 4 Test Suite1 Test Step113 Test Result113
Row 5 Test Suite1 Test case Name12 Test Step121 Test Result121
Row 6 Test Suite1 Test Step122 Test Result122
Row 7 Test Suite1 Test Step123 Test Result123
Row 2 Test Suite2 Test case Name21 Test Step211 Test Result211
Row 3 Test Suite2 Test Step212 Test Result212
Row 4 Test Suite2 Test Step213 Test Result213
Row 5 Test Suite2 Test case Name22 Test Step221 Test Result221
Row 6 Test Suite2 Test Step222 Test Result222
Row 7 Test Suite2 Test Step223 Test Result223

Hope this helps.
I got this imported on the TFS installed on my Workstation. I still need to figure out what privileges I need to import into live environment.
I'll keep you updated.