Issues Importing with Pre-Conditions

Jul 31, 2013 at 6:25 PM
We are using Test Case Migrator Plus to import our test cases from Excel into TFS. Our problem is that we have Pre-Conditions along with Test Steps and Expected Results. Below is an example. The issue we are having is that if we import by checking the flag "Multiple test steps are present in single cell separated by new line character(\n)" then the Expected Result appears to be for the pre-condition and not the test step because there is one step for each line. We've even tried adding white space with new line characters (\n) to align the expected result with the test step and that didn't work.

Test Case Steps Cell
  1. The application should be installed on the workstation and configured properly.
  2. The user should have a valid login/password with full access to the application.
Test Steps:
  1. Click the OK button on the message window.
Expected Results Cell
  1. The message window should close without error and return the user to Unlock Player window. No players should be displayed in the grid. Click the Close button to continue.