Excel format when having test cases with multiple test steps

Nov 13, 2012 at 9:47 AM
Edited Nov 13, 2012 at 9:49 AM


I need to migrate test cases from HP Quality Center to TFS and to achieve this I've started by exporting my test cases from QC by running a SQL query within the report generator in QC. This resulted in an Excel file where each test case is represented by one or several rows of data: I use a join in my query so that each test step is joined with the test case data. In other words, I end up with multiple rows of data for one test case, where test case ID, title, description, etc, is precisely the same, only the test step data is different.

Unfortunately, this format does not seem to be supported by TCMImport - test steps must apparently be either placed in one single cell separated by newline or placed on consecutive rows but without content in any other cells than those related to the test steps, ie. action and expected result.

It's far from easy to create a SQL query with a table join where some fields are left blank after the first result row is returned, i.e. a query that would yield a data format directly importable by TCMImport. Since it is not uncommon to export data from a system using SQL queries, I hereby suggest a new feature in TCMImport: Allow data format for test steps to be in a SQL query similar format - make the Excel row parser able to discover that several rows have the same test case title and if so, ignore any other fields, just read the test steps for each row and add them to the test case.