How to import Date values

Oct 8, 2012 at 6:53 PM

I have test cases the various departments have written in Excel and housed in SharePoint. I have created a crawler program that allows the user to select the folder/sub folder and extract all the test cases and apply all of them to a new Excel spreadsheet.  Everything is working great with only one exception. The created date the departments required [original date the test was created] is being moved to an archive date field. The Migration tool appears to be skipping the web part even after I tell it to migrate. I have actually had to in excel convert the string [read from sharepoint housed excel] to double and use the Conversion function to create the date and load the date into the new Excel spreadsheet. It appears like it skips that field. I have tested this manually by creationg a date in an excel spreasheet abd it still does not use that date.


Any help to allow the date imported let me know.