Projects & Area-Iteration Paths

Jul 25, 2012 at 11:41 PM

I am running into a slight issue here and need to see what I am missing. Let's say I create a new TFS Project Called TCM. I have been able to create test cases in this project. However when I change the "Suites Hierarchy (test belongs to these suites)" to be an Iteration Path, in MTM I get a new Project and my test cases are not where I want them to be. Visual Studio however has the correct area path and iteration path. How do I accomplish this task?

ex. Project "TCM" created

excel spreadsheet has:

Test Folder Hierarchy: MappedFor\AreaPath

Suites Hierarchy(test belongs to these suites): MyPath\MappedFor\IterationPath

When I run this scenario, I get a new Project created called "MyPath" where the test cases now reside. As mentioned, I need the mapping to be to a different Project in MS Test Manager and still have different Area and Iteration Paths. Is this possible? What am I missing?